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Moving Images Back and Forth
A tutorial by your instructor, Jenny Hartung

Moving photos can be tricky, the key here is to remember to make sure the move tool is selected in the tool box. Then you can click on a photo, hold it and drag it into another photo and let go. It will automatically create a new layer in that image for the photo you have dragged in, and to move it around on the new image you have to make sure that layer is selected in the layers palette and you have the move tool selected.

I am guessing that you might also run into problems trying to move now the original image, not the image you have dragged in. You will not be able to move this image because it is set as the background image in the
layers palette. You have two options to make it "moveable":

1.) Click on the background layer in the layers palette. Go to Layer>Duplicate Layer in the menu bar along the top of the program. This will create a new layer with your background image that is moveable.

2.) Go to File>New in the menu bar and create a whole new canvas with nothing on it and drag the two images in. Then you can adjust the size of your new canvas under Image>Image Size and Image>Canvas Size.


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